Intelligent expense management

Make your intricate employee expense management including travel expenditures/claims and standard deduction paperless with our intelligent cloud based expense management software. Set multiple expense types like travel, hotel, etc. at the click of a button with our employee expense management system.

XENHRMS Pay Connect
Smart standard deduction

Empower your employees whilst staying in control with our travel expense management software. Yes, manage standard deduction, transport allowance and medical reimbursement of your employees under a single roof with our expense management software. Further, the multi-tier approvals make standard deduction and travel claims/expense management a cakewalk.

Time Off
Paperless expense/claims reporting

Manage travel claims to standard deduction and all other employee expenses with our all-integrated travel and expense management software. Take full control of all your travel expenditures and stay 100% compliance with our smart employee expense report software. Generate expense reports on the go!


Customer Testimonials

“We went down from it taking a half a day to a full day to run payroll, to one to two hours... That's like a full day of work that we can go back to.”