Entire F&F settlement

XEN HRMS gives you a broad overview about entire full and final settlement process. It calculates and facilitates you with appropriate F&F amount to be disbursed. It offers information-rich full and final settlement letter summarizing the entire final settlement process.

XENHRMS Pay Connect
Automatic F&F Calculations:

As HR folks initiate the F&F process, XEN HRMS intelligently calculates full and final payables for an employee and gives the exact amount with receivables. Key payroll details such as bonus, unpaid salary, non-availed leaves, gratuity, medical, etc. will be at your disposal in seconds

Time Off
Determine important recoverables

When an employee leaves a company, he/she claims important recoveries at the time of exit. Full and final settlement is a hectic process, but XEN HRMS brings a sigh of relief among HR people, as it helps calculate all the recoverables in no time. This helps them to carry out a smooth exit process paving way for an error-free final settlement.


Customer Testimonials

“We went down from it taking a half a day to a full day to run payroll, to one to two hours... That's like a full day of work that we can go back to.”