Ease your decision-making with analytically driven metric system

You can either customize or newly create your own metrics or can also avail the standard metric system in our online employee management system. Motivate and support your team by facilitating them with transparent, optimized and analytically driven management decisions.

XENHRMS Pay Connect
Timely payroll processing leads to happy employees

Keep your employees productive by appreciating their hard work. When you hire employees, you pay them for their dedication and efforts. However, paying them correctly and on time is also important. Our employee salary management software helps you with this critical task and makes payroll computation easy. It helps you pay your staff on time.

Time Off
Save substantial amount of time

Stay organized by having all your employee data at your fingertips with our employee management system. You can easily access the required data, as it is readily available on our cloud based employee management software. Your HR does not have to hop through multiple files and spreadsheets thereby saving them substantial amount of time.


Customer Testimonials

“We went down from it taking a half a day to a full day to run payroll, to one to two hours... That's like a full day of work that we can go back to.”