Fully scalable

XEN HRMS is fully scalable and grows with your business. Our payroll management system allows you to pay-as-you-go. Choose from the various pocket-friendly SaaS subscriptions.

Our HR payroll software evolves with your organisation addressing various HRM challenges. Feel free to check out our SaaS plans here.

XENHRMS Pay Connect
Streamlined payroll and tax deductions

XEN HRMS syncs with most of the biometric attendance system to keep a track of leaves, attendance and overtime for error-free payroll computations.

Our payroll software ensures to process the salary in the least amount of time minus any payroll redundancies. It eliminates the tiring process of manual computations of standard deductions, employee expenses, expense claims, salary, taxes, insurance, etc. saving efforts and time for HR professionals.

Time Off
Auto generate payslips and HR reports

Another quintessential feature of XEN HRMS is that it generates payslips and important reports on the go. It can upload bank statements and expense reimbursement reports of your employees.

Our payroll system assists you in verifying payroll calculations before confirming the payroll by providing a quick preview of salary reports.


Customer Testimonials

“We went down from it taking a half a day to a full day to run payroll, to one to two hours... That's like a full day of work that we can go back to.”