Performance Management System is beyond important to any organization to keep their employees happy and motivated. Without this, they could become bored and start to reduce the quality of their work. They will get lazy, because nothing is pushing them on to greater heights in terms of performance. This is fixed in a lot of companies by regular performance appraisals and reviews. Each employee is monitored throughout the time period, whether it is a month or a year, and their performance at the end of the month is evaluated by the HR department. This is done in conjunction with the employee’s managers and supervisors, all of whom know enough to judge the performance of the employee objectively. Whether it is in work, or whether it is their behavior towards their peers and superiors, everything is reviewed.

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The best companies are shifting away from rigid systems toward a more flexible approach that reinforces the critical behaviors that matter every day, and aligns individual work with organizational goals.

Effective performance management includes providing meaningful, real-time feedback; ensuring that employees have clear expectations; and coaching employees to achieve their maximum performance levels.

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In XEN HRMS, the performance management system is a crucial module. The fate of the company depends on how well this part of the HRMS performs. This system completely automates the process of performance management. This eliminates the problems that were quite common back in the day, such as missing appraisals. These were all grounded in the fact that there was no electronic system to store data. Paper was notoriously fickle, getting lost and dusty and easily misplaced. However this system completely eradicates all these problems. It makes use of the rewards and recognition system in the HRMS in order to coordinate the efforts of the HR department and make sure that all the employees are motivated and challenged constantly.


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“We went down from it taking a half a day to a full day to run payroll, to one to two hours... That's like a full day of work that we can go back to.”